Complete Marketing Department

Cheetah Sites Complete Marketing Department provides medium size businesses a complete managed marketing team without the need to hire and train a team. At a fraction of the cost of an internal marketing department; our Complete Marketing Department services will manage all of your day to day marketing needs.

Our team of marketing specialists are prepared to work with companies that lack the space or budget to host an internal marketing team. We completely integrate into your daily business operations by way of Branded email addresses (, Branded Telephone Systems (call-in’s greeted with your company name), and even marketing call pickups (direct all marketing sales straight to us). We are a perfect fit for business owners that do not want to on-board additional employees, yet see a true value in robust marketing campaigns.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The essence of effective SEO in the Twin Cities is content marketing. Without good content, you won’t be able to drive more traffic to your website. Our experts are ready to help you fill your website, blog and any other content areas with the information internet users are looking for. The goal is to bring as many visitors to your site by focusing on valuable content, rather than trying to stuff keywords into an article.


Our copywriters are hands down the best for any size job. They have proven time after time to be the experts in any field. Our services start with a brief consultation to understand your needs. From there we spend time learning / Bench marking your competitors. This gives us the upper advantage when forming your content. Watch Our Video

Web Development

Our complete website solutions team comes with over 14 years of business to business interaction. We are experts in web design, web development, website hosting, and website marketing (SEO). Our Web Development process is divided into 4 phases; Discover, Design, Develop, and Launch/Test. You will be a major part of each phase to ensure maximum love for your new website.

Social Media Marketing

The power of Social Media Marketing has been proven over and over again. If you are running any light to heavy marketing campaign, chances are, you are using Social Media Marketing to increase your conversions. We have a combined 30 years of Social Media Marketing experience. We have participated in every style of Social network marketing and know exactly what is best with our clients.

Graphic Designer

Every team is incomplete without a graphic designer. No job is too small or big for our graphic designer.  All projects with imagery are handled through our graphic design team and approved by you, the client.

Email Marketing

Expert marketers say that content is king. Email marketing falls within that demand for great quality content. This is not a place to have weaknesses within your campaign. All of your emails should contain some sort of call to action. We mark your campaigns success based on your customers email interactions. We track their every move through our marketing platform giving you an educated, qualified prospect instead of a cold lead.


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Internal Marketing Department Salary Requirements

Hiring a team of marketing specialists is not only time consuming (training, building rapport), it’s expensive. According to research gathered from, the average cost of a complete marketing department is upwards of $536,000.00 annually. This number does not include the additional budget needed to run your marketing campaigns. According to the average marketing budget can be as much as 12% of a business’s average sales. While we recommend 15% of your previous Quarters sales; we have worked with as little as 3%. 

Why is The Complete Marketing Department Right For You?

No more spending money on training, human resources, benefits, and office supplies. You will no longer need to manage your team efficiencies, resources, or schedules. Cut one check instead of 20 checks and forget the tax hassles that come with payroll.


Our Complete Marketing Department allows you the ability to control real marketing strategies instead of people. Weather we are discussing your marketing plan or implementing complex Social Network campaigns; you can rest assured you are not losing competitive ground with teams that DON’T work well together.


Our team has a combined 70+ years of marketing experience. Our skilled staff can handle every type of marketing needed to maintain a successful marketing campaign for your business.


With Cheetah Sites Complete Marketing Department, you can maintain control on the marketing program and not have to worry about staffing issues. We pride ourselves on being completely available and responsive to our clients. If we need to post an urgent story or change Pay Per Click ads, we are available by team mobile phones and email. No more waiting to make changes to your campaign.


This is a cost effective alternative to the old fashioned internal employee model. We are loaded with experience and your campaigns begin the day we meet rather then months after training. Our program works great with owners and marketing directors that desire the expertise of a seasoned team without the demands of managing employees.

Return On Investment Guarantee

Not only do we guarantee your satisfaction, we guarantee your ROI. 14 years of marketing for businesses has helped our clients earn millions of dollars in return. We are so confident in our services, we will give you your money back if you are not satisfied.