Best WP Plugins to A/B Test Your WordPress Pages

Best WP Plugins to A/B Test Your WordPress Pages

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  • On September 22, 2016


Testing your WordPress pages to convert your customers is time consuming! But what if there was an automated way to do it? Today I will highlight a few plugins that will completely automat your A/B testing of pages.

Wp Experiments Title
Title Experiments Pro is a powerful add-on to Title Experiments that provides you with advanced features that makes your title experiments even more powerful! Get more out of your title testing with Title Experiments Pro.


Marketizator is free for up to 1,000 tested views. The free account gives you access to the same features you would get with a paid account.
Simple Page Tester

Remarkable features and a simple interface so you can understand A/B split testing without having a computer science degree.

WordPress Calls To Action

This plugin creates calls to action for your WordPress site. It gives site owners the ability to monitor and track conversion rates, run a/b or multivariate split tests on calls to action, and most importantly increase lead flow!

Nelio A/B Testing

Offering a consistent and coherent experience is one of the keys to success. If you create alternative titles and excerpts for your posts, you’ll want these alternatives to be used in all the pages of your site (for instance, in your sidebar widgets or your «Latest Posts» page). With some A/B Testing tools, this consistency might be broken—sure, they’ll show one alternative or the other when the users accesses the tested post, but what about other pages? Nelio A/B Testing is a native WordPress solution and, as such, is able to take care of it and make sure all pages shows the appropriate information.

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress…

Landing pages are the obvious choice for A/B testing. You are already sending traffic to them, and if converting visitors on the landing page is your goal, testing different version is a must. Every page on your website that receives traffic contributes to conversions, and it pays to test those, too. Your report will include the results for each page variant and the conversion rate of visitors that saw that version.

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What’s going on? I’m Justin with Cheetah Sites. You’ve got your beautiful website sitting in front of you freshly built with fresh content and beautiful images on it, but what’s next? How do you know whether or not your perfect clients are interacting with your website? Are you reading your Google analytics? Do you understand your Google analytics? What if there was a way to create two different pages and test them against each other one on one, and the winner is the one that gets to be presented every single time? Well, I’m going to talk about that today with our WordPress plugin feature. Testing your WordPress pages can be complicated, especially if you’re trying to figure out what those Google analytics are saying. Let’s talk about WordPress A/B testing plugins that’ll make your life easy.


Let’s talk about what A/B testing is in the first place. It’s an old term that came from testing the content on an e-mail campaign or WordPress page. According to Optimizely, A/B testing is a way to compare two different versions of a webpage with an eye on specific page elements to see which version performs the best. Basically, what that means is you create two pages, and you change the colors on one page of the other or the title or the images or the content or the call to action buttons to make them different slightly, and then you put them to the test. The best plugins and resources that I have found out there automatically choose the winner and begin presenting that particular page after the testing is complete.


The basic concept of testing is you send half or a quarter or a third of your traffic that lands on that page to a particular design. If you have your A page set up, and it has a button that says need marketing, and then you have a B page set up that says interested in marketing, you would base the rating on who clicked on those buttons the most. If the page with the most clicks wins, then that page is presented. There are several plugins that exist out there, but not every one of them is created equal. Some of them are free plugins and services, and some of them are premium services. There is a plugin that will fit your needs out there. Whether you choose the premium plugin where you’re paying an annual service fee or the free plugin, often times, what you’ll find in the free plugins is they are not as robust in their testing and analytics as in your premium.


Alright, the first one we’re going to start with is a free plugin called the Title Experiments. Title Experiments is a free plugin that allows you to control the titles of each one of your pages. This is important for lots of reasons, less about search engine optimization and more about conversion with your customers. You might have one page set up called About Us, and then you might test that same page with a different title, saying A Brief History of Us, or Who We Are. Depending on the responsiveness of each one of those titles, this plugin will choose the title with the best responsiveness based on a set of rules that you choose.


The next plugin we’re going to check out is the Market Zeder. Market Zeder is A/B testing surveys and popup banners. This plugin is designed to help you improve your site performance by streamlining your A/B testing of your pages. Just like the last plugin, you can take a set of specific rules, and you can test it against the next page. For instance, what makes this one plugin a little bit more robust is it allows you to change the content of one page to the other page. It also allows you to test multiple pages. It gives you statistical reporting. It also has the ability to online survey and have some popup banners. Be careful, those popup banners and those full page popups are becoming a nuisance. We’ll talk about that later in a different episode. Another great plugin is the simple Page Tester. The title says it all. You take one page and you test it against another page. Often times, in this particular situation, you want to create two pages that are very similar, and you only change a small bit of it. As you have winners, you create additional tests, so on and so forth. We’ll go into A/B testing and the details of that in a different episode.


Alright, another plugin is the WordPress calls to action plugin. You can build lists, convert visitors, drive lead growth, A/B test your results, and improve your marketing. Basically, what this plugin does is it allows you to integrate trackable call to actions. These are little buttons that entice your visitors to the next page, to another forum. My personal favorite is Nelio A/B testing. There’s a free version of this, and there’s also a premium version of this particular plugin. I choose to pay for this plugin, and, basically, with Nelio, you’re able to take any particular trigger within your website – a button, a page, a post, a category – and test it against another page, a post, or category, or button, or link. It’s extremely robust, and the tests can be as simple or as complicated as you would like them to be. Just like other A/B testing plugins, when a particular goal is met within your tracking, it begins to present that page primarily.


It also works with gravity forums and content forums separate. Alright, let’s check out the marketing optimizer for WordPress. Marketing optimizer is still another plugin that is worth checking out, and it streamlines your A/B testing for WordPress. It includes conversion rate optimization, A/B testing for multiple pages, conversation tracking, gravity forums integration, rotation in variations, vast variation creation, and cash in capability, and quick loading times. That’s important. Some of these plugins don’t exactly have the best load times, and that’s important, especially when your visitors are looking to receive content in under three seconds. That’s my quick review on A/B plugins for WordPress. If you like this content, give me a thumbs up. If you didn’t like it, smash the thumbs down. As always, hit that subscribe button. I’m Justin with Cheetah Sites. Have a great day.



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