How To Build A landing Page

How To Build A landing Page

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  • On June 15, 2016
Web Development  is a very deep and complex practice; add marketing to it and you have a receipt for disaster.   Yet, as I always say it doesn’t have to be.  Just like with any project, if you take it step by step before you no it you have completed the most impossible task and done a great job with it.  In this article I will teach you everything I know to be true about landing pages and how to build them. 

What Are Landing Pages?

In web development terms landing pages are coded extensions of your current website.  The intent of these pages are to be hyper-focused on a subject.  Wikipedia describes a landing page as;

“In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a “lead capture page” or a “lander”, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link.”  ref:

If that was unclear, think of this page as a place you will send your customers to briefly discuss a single product.

How To Use A Landing Page

Often times you will create an ad or social post with a direct link to this page.  Most marketers use these pages to collect information about their customers (emails, phone numbers, so on).  Some marketers use landing pages as the direct link to their webinar or buy now button.  This type of marketing gives you the ability to test different content with spend time and money creating a whole new web page.

Why Landing Pages

Digital marketing gives you the ability to clearly understand your “Avatar.”  Landing pages give you the ability to create content specifically geared toward your avatar.  Giving you a higher success rate in your sales initiative.     

Where To Place A Landing Page

A landing page can be hosted virtually anywhere.  I choose to self-host my landing pages in my website.  I have also experimented with third party applications like  Their software is designed to be super easy and really removes the web designer from the marketing.  In my case, I have several landing pages on my website that are not linked to the main menu.  This allows me to drive super focused traffic to my landing pages.

How Effective Are Landing Pages?

There are many posts out there that claim landing pages are great for every product.  I personal believe that an online store link target would benefit from other styles of marketing and not lading pages.  A business that sells focused goods or services to a specific audience will see a huge reward by using landing pages.  However,  Hubspot claims “With “very effective” at 43% percent and “somewhat” at 49%, this breakdown shows that, across the board, dedicated landing pages are clearly effective.” ref: link

Lets get started

There are a few things to take into consideration before we dive into the mechanics of landing pages.  Download my Landing pages guide to learn more and get a step by step guide to landing pages or reserve your seat for my FREE WEBINAR: How To Build A Landing Page (w/ No Code)




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