Web Design Tips For A Successful Website

Web Design Tips For A Successful Website

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  • On October 2, 2015

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If you are interested in creating  web designs, you should know that there are a few elements of a website that you need to pay particular attention to. Meaning, in order to have a successful website where people actually visit the website, stay on the website and make purchases if its a business related site, you need to properly structure and optimize the site. So, in this article, we will be taking a closer look at how you can do just that.

The first thing that you should do when designing a website is to not just focus on making the website appealing and attractive, but also user friendly. Many web designers get caught up in design and the desire to create something unique. This is definitely a good thing, but they also need to ensure that the user interface is easy to read and navigate for the average web browser.

This means that the navigation bars should be clear and the writing should be easily legible. A site map should also be included and make sure that the colors on the site complement each other and are not harsh on the viewer’s eyes. This can cause many people to click away from the site, so it is extremely important to avoid.

Another essential web design tip is that you should always use high quality photos on your website. Nothing is more amateur than having grainy or blurred photos on your website and will certainly turn visitors away from the site. It is best to use professional photos or photos from stock photo sites or use hand designed illustrations. The same rule applies for videos or any type of media on your website.

Next, another great web design tip is that you should always fully test the website before putting it live. Many web designers simply fail to test out the website and as a result, web users are not able to properly navigate the site. This is especially important if you are creating a corporate website. The use of breadcrumbs is also highly recommended.

Now that we have looked at the essential design features of the site, it is also important that you optimize the site for search engines such as Google. You can do this by properly structuring the URLs, titles, headlines, meta tags and content. This means that you should work closely with the content developer in order to create a website that not only looks good but will rank highly in search engines.

Lastly, make sure that if there are any call to action buttons on the site such as a sign up form or a buy now button, that you fully test these. Many beginners make this mistake in web design, only to have an angry client wanting answers as to why people aren’t signing up or buying their product.

In closing, we have just looked at a few top Minneapolis web design tips to ensure that every website you design looks great and is fully functional.



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